What is one-piece dental implant

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    What is one-piece dental implant


    The angle of the bone in which the implant is placed relative to the position of the crown that will be on top of it. they are not always in line. The ideal scenario is second from left, while the worst one is 3rd from the left. Nobody wants a screw to show up in the front of the crown! To remedy this problem it is possible to use the second stage in a 2-piece system to reangulate the crown. enter image description hereenter image description here

    Amount of gingival tissue between the bone and the mouth. If the gingiva isn’t very thick, it might be advantageous to remove the intermediate step, so that as little as possible metal shows through the gingiva.

    Ability of the bone to endure immediate loading of the implant. If both the implant and the platform come in one piece, the implant will be exposed to forces in the mouth immediately after being placed, while the two piece option permits us to temporarily bury and avoid putting immediate stress on the implant, thereby enabling it to better integrate the bone, especially if the later is of poor quality.

    To address your concern about a micro crack appearing between the two pieces, it is most often due to the insufficient tightening of the screw. At least 15-25 Newtons need to be applied, using an implant screw, to sufficiently tighten the the pieces to avoid the appearance of a micro crack and further of the screw.

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