What is your opinion about dental implant treatment in Osteogeneis Imperfecta pa

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    What is your opinion about dental implant treatment in Osteogeneis Imperfecta patients?


    Not much in the literature other than case reports and even those are small in number. Ultimately you start to consider the disease itself, what category/classification is this patient? What is the severity of the dental disease? How have they healed following previous dental surgery? There are many questions that should be addressed to consider the potential for this patient to experience successful intervention and then there must be consideration of the alternatives…will removable prostheses be acceptable (unlikely)? Will removable prostheses lead to rapid bone loss (residual ridge resorption… likely)? Bisphosphonate usage might be a question but the benefit of serum CTX is of questionable value considering that the normal range is so large thereby making “safe” levels a bit of a dream. Implant literature seems to show bisphosphonates to be of little risk to implants which is probably secondary to the controlled surgery in comparison to tooth extraction which is less controlled, less gentle.

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