Anyone can help with study quality assessment?

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    Anyone can help with study quality assessment?


    I’ve been also reading about the possibility to apply the OHAT risk-of-bias tool (Birnbaum et al. 2013,
    Article Implementing Systematic Review at the National Toxicology Pr…
    ) to in vitro studies (
    Since a i find myself with a variety of types of study (10 mechanistic studies, 6 in vivo human studies, 5 in vivo experimental studies) i was considering the option of using the above mentioned tool in order to assess all the studies within the same scale, and maybe adding a few more items that may be meaningful giving the context, such as conflict of interest declaration or funding source. I found this publication where a similar approach for situations with both in vivo and in vitro studies has been suggested (Gmebiniyi et al. 2016,
    Article Guidance on assessing the methodological and reporting quali…

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