AFK (Canadian Exam) 66

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    Each of the following osseous defects would be classified as infrabony Except ??

    A. A trough

    B. A dehiscence

    C. A hemiseptum

    D. An interdental crater


    1. Which fluoride is used nightly for gold and porcelain crowns– 1.1% NaF
    2. Which LA has the longest half life– Bupivacaine
    3. A lesion presented with radiolucency having multiple flecks inside—Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor
    4. Traumatic bone cyst presents with– scalloping of margins or something like that but “scalloped” is the key word
    5. A middle aged woman with iron deficiency anemia presented with sensitivity and recession in one of the lower incisors and wanted to get it treated
    6. Reason of Sensitivity- Options were:
    a. iron deficiency anemia
    b. Aggressive tooth brushing( I marked this)
    7. Rubella is caused by which of the following
    8. Genetic
    9. Acquired(I marked this)
    10. Chromosomal
    11. Why composite is not suitable for posterior restoration?
    12. Fluoride supplements should be started at which age—6 months
    13. Which clinical sign might be associated with an acute apical abscess (acute periradicular abscess)?
    14. Which drug administered to antagonize respiratory depressive action of meperidine
    15. Which of the following seen on occlusal trauma except?
    16. What kind of swelling crusts on manipulation
    17. Which of the following seen in Combination syndrome except—I put papillary hyperplasia
    18. Most dental problems seen in case of—Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    19. Which cells greatest in amount in normal GCF– Neutrophils
    20. C/D patient with retruded tongue, which problems would arise— I put loss of retention in lower denture
    21. Lichenoid reactions happen due to- I put reaction to metallic oxides something
    22. Texture difference in individual hair(something like that) due to disease in which gland? I put adrenal
    23. Parathyroid gland
    24. Adrenal
    25. Sweat gland
    26. Thyroid
    27. Which of the following is contraindication to implants?
    28. Codeine acts on which receptors
    29. Few questions on ethics
    30. Lot of Qs on endo lesions
    31. Serial extractions are planned in which phase of dentition- I put transitional
    32. Pain on left side of face on change in head position-
    33. Which of the following is the route of bacteremia except? Options were blood circulation, Root canal
    34. Which of the drugs will least likely to cause dry mouth– pilocarpine
    35. Management of ANUG
    36. Extra pyrimadal syndrome are caused by? Options were barbiturates, benzodiazepines, phenothiazines
    37. Antidote for benzodiazepine- Flumazenil
    38. Nausea due to receptors in—Chemoreceptor trigger zone
    39. Patient vomited in waiting area, what will you do for nausea? Options were raise feet of patient, give nausea med, check blood glucose
    40. Plaster index used for—Preserve facebow
    41. Pterygomandibular raphe is formed by which muscles
    42. During IAN block which muscle is penetrated
    43. Which of the following muscles elevate mandible except?
    44. Non working interference is due to which cusps– LUBL
    45. Which muscle is affected by lateral movements of jaw
    46. Which muscle affects movement on lingual side of mandibular CD
    47. Adult presented with crossbite, how do you treat it?
    48. A teenage boy with Upper CI erupted palatally, when will you treat the crossbite? I put treat it as soon as possible
    49. Question about property of absorbing water or something like that- options were thixotropic rheotropic etc
    50. Disadvantage of dual cure resin cement for porcelain veneer
    51. Advantage of direct composite veneer over porcelain veneer
    52. How do we resect root in amputation of root of Maxillary 1st molar
    53. Eagle syndrome radiograph
    54. Oral hairy leukoplakia associated with which virus—EBV
    55. Blindness associated with which of the following? Options were Epidermolysis bullosa, MMP, lichen planus, pemphigus
    56. Treatment of recurrent sublingual gland cyst
    57. Sialoliths occur most commonly in which duct—Wharton
    58. What to do if you fracture alveolar bone during extraction? Options were raise flap and put plates, remove loose bone fragments etc
    59. Where is implant placed to adjacent tooth gingival margin—I put 2-3 mm apical to adjacent CEJ
    60. RCT is contraindicated in which condition? I put vertical root fracture
    61. Penicillin and tetracycline are not given together because?
    62. Which antibiotic has anti collagen activity—I put Doxycycline
    63. Best site to place implant—Anterior mandible
    64. Best site for osseointegration—I again put anterior mandible because one of my seniors told me that for boards exam, always put D1 and anterior mandible, I don’t know how that works
    65. Most commonly missing tooth among the following
    66. Which of the following associated with diastema except?
    67. 6 mm oroantral communication, how to treat?
    68. U and V shaped palate- what problem can arise with V shaped palate?
    69. Characteristics of a major connector—I put Support and stability
    70. Turner teeth associated with- Options were infection or trauma, trauma during delivery, congenital syphilis
    71. Pt with nitroglycerin transdermal pt and takes nitroglycerine orally 2-3 times daily- what ASA classification?
    72. Child has nausea and headache after dental trauma- what should you do?
    73. Possibility of Head injury and immediate medical evaluation necessary
    74. Nausea and headache is common after trauma and should be ignored
    75. Which injection technique to anesthetize pulp of Max PM? Options were supra periosteal, sub periosteal etc
    76. Question which had answer of Rubber dam holes placed too close
    77. Which impression material for papillary hyperplastic mass on palate
    78. How to decrease mesio distal dimension of crown- options were moving facial line angles etc
    79. Which condition best responds to periodontal tx? Edema
    80. Which is the most difficult to kill with sterilization—Bacillus something
    81. Time between bleach and porcelain crown- 1 week
    82. Successful dental practice is measured by- Options were lot of patients, Skills of dentist and staff, communication skills
    83. Most commonly associated with drugs in elderly- more misuse of drug than use
    84. How to fix cheek bite in CD? Something like horizontal overlap I assume?
    85. Child with bleeding gums who doesn’t eat properly – Options were normal process, primary herpetic gingivitis
    86. What is the crown root ratio?
    87. File separated beyond the apex, what to do
    88. Apex locator helps in which of the following except- Options were dilaceration of root, angulation of root
    89. Elastic bands put on which surface of upper lower molar to treat crossbite
    90. The reason for reducing a supra erupted 1st upper molar in RPD is to?
    91. Vertical releasing incision is not placed in which of the locations
    92. Question on layers of affected and infected dentin
    93. Ferrule affect will increase which one of the following- options were retain core, esthetics etc
    94. Drug A more potent than drug B, that means drug A will: (I had this Q twice in exam)- I put something like drug A will produce maximum effect at lower dose
    95. Skull radiograph of multiple myeloma
    96. Sulfonylureas contraindicated with which drug
    97. A 12 year old child with class III skeletal pattern, which one of the following values will decrease with time, options were ANB, SNA, SNB, Y-axis
    98. Epinephrine produces its effect by acting on which receptors- a1
    99. Picture of White lesion on lateral border of tongue—Papilloma
    100. Demineralization of enamel starts at which Ph-5.5
    101. Picture of melanin pigmentation in patient, what is it?
    102. Picture of Blue lesions on lower surface of tongue- I marked varices
    103. When should the frenectomy be done?
    104. Which one of the following will not be cause by glucocorticoids—hypoglycemia
    105. Which of the following represents a dental program in which eligible patients receive services at specified facilities from a limited number of dentists? An open-panel, A closed-panel, A capitation group
    106. Oral mucosal pigmentation will be seen with which of the following—Addison’s disease
    107. A kid developed syncope after administration of LA
    108. Which one of the following drugs deal with transportation of minerals/ions except
    109. pKa of a local anesthesia which of the following characteristic- options were onset, solubility, protein binding
    110. Which one of the following anti cancer drug is antagonist of folate synthesis- Methotrexate
    111. Lots of Qs on bundling, upcoding etc

    1. A 13 year old child with mamleons on upper lower incisors, they asked if he had any disorder or it was a normal process
    2. A teenager with asthma on albuterol, aspirin makes him wheeze
    a. Which one of the following is albuterol least likely to cause- Increased salivation
    b. Which pain medication is suitable for him
    3. A hypertensive, diabetic, depressive smoker with kidney disease taking medications presented for fillings, which one of the following medications will cause xerostomia- options were in pairs
    i. Which drug is safe for him- options were aspirin, lidocaine, erythromycin
    4. A lady presented with pain in teeth and wants all teeth extracted
    a. -Veracity principle lets you extract all teeth- true or false
    b. -Which ethical principle neglected if you don’t extract all teeth

    5. An old lady OPG
    round R/L in middle of right ramus- (It was below mandibular 2nd PM so I marked mandicular foramen but it was from an RQ which said fracture)
    picture of kennedy class III modification I
    What do the condyles indicate (I could not see it properly again and I marked osteoarthritis but it was fracture)

    6. A patient with fixed bridge from 6 to 8, restoration on 9 dislodged
    i. Which restoration was lost (crown or veneer)
    ii. Why fixed bridge is not esthetics- options were too much value, width of bridge on #8
    7. OPG of radiopaque line crossing root of lower left 2nd Molar
    Radiopacity behind ramus of mandible
    8. Periapical radiograph of upper centrals with a shadow above them—shadow of nose or upper lip
    9. A boy with ADHD taking amphetamine
    10. 16 years male with generalized spacing- ceph provided
    Had to identify his skeletal profile
    Treatment option for missing teeth (FPD/RPD)
    Treatment sequence of Tx


    Face division vertically and horizontally?
    Horizontal 5. Vertical 3


    Provisional FPD vs final FPD main difference ?
    Pontic shape
    Axial walls
    Connector design


    HIPPO, PICO , 1977 Child Act
    questions on unbundling
    other exact questions of patient management from el maestro
    Questions like if a study is cross sectional or longitudinal
    fOR Opath- Xray of bone lesions
    Fibrous dysplasia related questions
    Which drug causes gingival enlargement
    Picture of pyogenic granuloma. Identify the lesion
    Pharma: They give you a list of drugs and ask you to identify them
    many questions on side effects of opioids
    antagonist of BZD
    questions on pka and ph
    LA dose calculation in children
    Questions on modified ridge lap
    porcelain thickness in all ceramic crown
    pictures showing class 3 mod 1
    extent of lower denture
    Ante’s law
    scaling and root planning strokes
    questions on neutrophil related disease
    which forced used for extracting upper premolar
    they give you n X-ray and ask if you need sinus lift surgery or not
    Xray of pericoronitis
    management of dry socket
    broken file case
    questions on bleaching


    Pt. has angina and is a diabetic , what NOT to do pre OP if pt. Needs multiple extractions ?

    Pre -op sedation
    Pre -op NG
    Pre-OP insulin


    Where is hirschfield canal present in bone ?
    Interradicular bone
    Interseptal bone
    Buccal plane
    Lingual plate


    2 years old child not cooperative what is the best approach
    1. Sedation
    2. Tell the parent to hold


    Child become uncooperative and you use voice control it is everything except:
    – tell child his behavior is unacceptable
    – controlling voice tone
    – gaining child attention
    – mild form of punishment


    Which has the greatest margin of safety for a pt with renal disease?

    a. Acetaminophen

    b. Flurbiprofen

    c. Ibuprofen

    d. Ketoprofen

    e. Ketorolac


    If dentist is using different codes to break down a treatment that composed of a universal fare, what is this? Unbundling

    12. What codes regulate Dentist personal impairment? 1Non- manficiency 2.veracity

    13. how to tell if patients need to go to psych? 1- pt tries to control treatment, 2- unrelenting anxiety

    15. What sinus can’t you see in cepha?

    16. Antagonist-high affinity, no Intrinsic ( 2 Q)

    21. Patient is on penicillin, what prophylaxis you give? 1. Amoxicillin 2g 2. Clindamycin 600mg

    31. Ian iaa lingual n position

    32. Mesial of Ian block: pierce what muscle?


    With development of gingivitis the sulcus become predominantly populated by
    Gram positive
    Gram negative

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