What is COVID-19?

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    What is COVID-19?


    Covid-19 is the disease caused by SARS-COV-2 virus. This virus has shown itself to be very contagious with short incubation period in humans. The pandemic however will end as you will be able to appreciate when you get some idea about the virus and some of its prominent properties. You will however continue to get sporadic outbreaks with possibly seasonal patterns.

    You can not have reliable vaccine as in small pox and polio. The COVID is caused by an RNA virus and likes to mutate quiet comfortably.

    The treatment in terms of cure is elusive.

    The worst of its aggression will tone down after taking the toll of hundreds of thousands of elderly and twisting the world economy like never before. This may take around six months. Humans would then learn to live with this virus like a nasty flu bug which will hit them every season. Those with comorbidities will continue to pay heavier price

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