pain after root canal

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    I got a root canal 2 days ago. There is still some pain.

    What worries me is right after the root canal, there was a general pain (soreness) no matter how I ate or touched that tooth. This always happens with the root canal. But now, when I bite on that tooth with the opposite tooth, there is a sharp, short pain. The general soreness is gone.

    Also, when I bite on the tooth, I have to hit it at a very specific angle for it to hurt. I thought that normally, the only pain after the root canal is a general soreness and not a sharp pain. Would you expect that kind of pain after a root canal??

    It is an upper molar. The cold sensitivity, which I had before, is now completely gone, which means the nerves are gone. I’ve been taking Amoxicillin and Ibuprofen as he suggested, and I have no idea what effect they are having. One of my friends suggested me to do a root canal pain treatment so that the pain would be reduced. What do you say, guys?? any idea?

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