What are the darkest secrets of elite US universities

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    What are the darkest secrets of elite US universities


    Oxford [1]admits a great number of rich candidates
    MIT – i come from New Hampshire. In high school I did track and cross country. We used to race against the elite academies in New Hampshire like Philips Exeter[2][3]. Rich people buy their way into good schools like MIT by having elite high schools. I am not saying they’re not good students but if you get a better education? right…
    The same is true for the other colleges.
    The darkest secret is it isn’t a secret. Everyone knows it. The rich people pay so their children get better educations. Then they call up their buddies and give them good recommendations so they get where want. They get the best internships. They get great jobs and the cycle continues. So the wealth accumulates at the top.


    [1] Oxbridge elitism: how many black and poor students go to Oxford and Cambridge?

    [2] 2018 Best Private High Schools in New Hampshire

    [3] Why do Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter tend to matriculate more students to MIT than to Caltech?

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