How do you treat a sore frenulum

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    How do you treat a sore frenulum


    if it is a mechanical irritation (cut, stretch, scratch..), that is one thing. It could be an small infection, in which something else. The question how it started, how long has it been sore, how does it look and whether it is getting worse (spreading) or is it just localized.If it only appeared a day or two ago, you might want to wait a day or two, rinse your mouth a couple of times a day with salt water (dilute hydrogen peroxide could needlessly irritate the area if it is not an infection), brush your teeth, floss and gently scrape your tongue in the evening before you go to bed. If the problem does not improve in a 2–3 days, then go see a dentist or a physician. He or she will look at it, take your history (do you have diabetes, for example….) and then give you a better diagnosis

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