How long is recovery time for dental implants?

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    How long is recovery time for dental implants?


    Recovery times from Dental Implant surgery can vary depending upon the individual case, the number of teeth affected, the individual patient, and importantly, how you manage your recovery process. 99% of cases are treated under local anaesthetic in the dental surgery sometimes in combination with intravenous or oral sedation.

    In the case of simple dental implant placement, with little or no grafting (for example to replace a single missing back tooth, or an immediate implant to replace a failing tooth) there is little or no post-operative discomfort or swelling.

    Patients will be able to continue life as normal with little inconvenience. A soft diet for a few days and careful brushing of the affected area may be all that is required.

    Typically in most cases after initial surgery to place implants, there is some minor swelling, mild discomfort and occasionally bruising that lasts for a few days. However this is well managed by medication and the post-operative management the dentist will prescribe. After approximately 7-10 days a patient can return to their normal diet routine. In some cases, patients may be advised to stick to a soft diet for up to 6 weeks post-procedure.

    If there is a need to carry out any bone or soft tissue grafting at the time of implant placement then the swelling is tends to be more pronounced.However, the dentist will advise the appropriate aftercare regime and medication to keep you comfortable.

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