What do you think of approach to a dental business

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    What do you think of approach to a dental business?


    private practice was when I had a half day a week at the faculty practice where I just showed up and provided treatment then go back to school to lecture. I practically had to worry about nothing. If I ever end up having a practice in the future, I would leave much of the administrative work to the bussiness manager and that’s what they are there for. However, I will need to know where my cash goes at the end of the day. You can’t really trust anyone completetly with your money as you have heard of managers embezzling money from their boss. You have to have complete control of what goes in and what goes out money wise or else you will be at a high risk for fraud and scams. Big companies that has a high cash flow rate have an auditing system to prevent such risks. You may want to talk to ones who have a private practice how they do to prevent such problems.

    Who ever told you that dentists have no part in negotiating treatment plans with patients for sure does not know much about dentistry. There are many treatment options and YOU, that’s right YOU are the one who will discuss with the patient on what route to take. Not your dental asssistant, not your hygienist, not your manager or anyone else. I can’t really imagine any dentists would show up and do the treatment presented before them without questions. Most likely, you were told that the dentist should play no part in negotiating the fees with the patients. And that I think it is the right thing to do

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