How feasible is a central repository or registration of all thesis topics given

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    How feasible is a central repository or registration of all thesis topics given in post graduates in medicine or dentistry in one particular country?


    difficulty 1. Maintaining a central repository for thesis can actually prevent duplication of work not in India but outside India
    Difficulty 2. In case same work is done under different titles, the principal investigators can be contacted regarding similarity of work, again maintaining a central registration can help
    Difficulty 3. This particular question pertained to thesis performed in different institutions as many institutions might be working on similar projects not knowing about each other’s work so a central registration would help. However you are completely right that results are published in books and articles but that would be considered in this registry if they are publications from thesis.
    Difficulty 4. You have raised a very pertinent point that real research is multidisciplinary and in agreement, thesis here too are many times conducted in integration with multiple disciplines of medicine and even engineering or genetics etc, so you are right instead of naming it under dentistry it should be some integrated post graduate thesis registry. Thanks a ton for that observation.
    difficulty 5. True that everyone should collect their own data but in case of central registration and standardising of criteria for similar studies, data can be pooled

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