Periodontal ligament ?

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    Periodontal ligament


    The periodontal ligament is the dense fibrous connective tissue that occupies the periodontal space between the root of the tooth and the alveolus. It is derived from the dental follicle . The average width of the periodontal space is 0.2 mm. Functionally, the periodontal ligament is:
    • the tissue of attachment between the tooth and alveolar bone; it is thus responsible for resisting displacing forces (the tooth support mechanism) and for protecting the dental tissues from damage caused by excessive occlusal loads (especially at the root apex)
    • responsible for the mechanisms whereby a tooth attains, and then maintains, its functional position; this includes the mechanisms of tooth eruption (see page 120), tooth support (particularly the recovery response after loading) and drift
    • involved in the formation, maintenance and repair of alveolar bone and cementum
    • via its mechanoreceptors, involved in the neurological control of mastication.

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