What is the etiology of necrotizing sialometaplasia?

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    What is the etiology of necrotizing sialometaplasia?


    This painless wherever salivary glands are present. ulcer usually develops on the hard pal It represents vascular compromise and subsequent infarction of the salivary gland tissue, with reactive squamous metaplasia of the salivary duct epithelium that may mimic squamous cell carcinoma.


    Name the major denture-related findings in the oral cavity. • Chronic atrophic candidiasis, especially of the palate (denture sore mouth) • Papillary hyperplasia of the palatal mucosa • Fibrous hyperplasia of the sulcus where the denture flange impinges (epulis fissuratum) • Traumatic ulcers • Angular cheilitis from overclosure • Denture-base hypersensitivity reactions

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