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    I cleared ADC back in 2017 after months of tedious preparations, so I want to share my experience to help other test takers. I’ll make sure this is the only article you need to read on this topic, but just stay with me till the end.

    To be honest, different people have different approaches to ADC. Some find it really easy while others find it very challenging even after tons of preparation. If you are from the second type just like me, keep on reading. Actually it was really easy to pass the Australian Dental Council examination up until 2014. But suddenly one day they decided they didn’t have any further need for dentists and it was removed from the skilled workers list. So the qualification criteria since 2014 has been very challenging.

    Now let’s finally get to the part that you’ve been waiting for. ADC is divided into part-1(written) and part-2(clinical). To clear part-1 just remember one thing : QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. You won’t be able to answer the MCQ’s if you just mug up all the information you can get your hands on. Study from limited number of books, just make sure you completely understand everything you study.

    For part-2 most people recommend to join coaching, but I would just suggest to learn online and implement it in group studies. However the most important thing to keep in mind is to have quality equipment’s and practical products. Most people fail because of faulty equipment. I would recommend you buy products from NAVADHA ENTERPRISES, that is a highly trusted brand for ADC products. Their website is http://www.navadha.com and you can buy quality products at a very reasonable price. Their products are what I personally used for my exams.

    Once you follow this, just give yourself ample amount of time for preparations and approach the exam with confidence. I am sure you’ll be able to easily clear the exam.

    Hope my experience could be of help to you!


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