Dentists or dental professions have to share information to mitigate the dental diseases

Developing countries are not taking dental care and oral health

Smoking and  Alcoholic are main risk factors of dental diseases

Spread the dental information
  1. Sally Reading 5 years ago

    We carry out emergency dental treatments in Kenya when I am on my charity dental missions, as well as suppling the necessary equipment and materials needed. We also carry out OHE and give out tooth brushes to every patient we treat. I’ve just come back from my 3rd mission where we treated hundreds of children and adults with free treatments Including extractions, restorations, fissure sealants and fluoride varnish applications.

  2. John Gallagher 5 years ago

    Clean Bite™ is the most innovative single use toothbrush in the world, combining Oral Hygiene and a Delivery System for various Actives!

    The U.S. Patented Clean Bite™ by Dent-Chew Brush, LLC, brings oral hygiene to every location, and situation that is outside of the home where the regimen of oral hygiene normally takes place. The single use Clean Bite™ has 800+/- bristles that line the bite channels and across the palate arch. Additionally, there are four reservoirs containing dentifrice that rupture on compression, equally distributing the dentifrice throughout the bite channels. Shaped like a mouthpiece it gently configures to the bite. When placed in the mouth, the user cleans their teeth, tongue, and gingival margin simply by chewing it gently. After 60-90 seconds of utility, Clean Bite™ dissolves, and as a collagen foodstuff that contains 5 – 6 grams of protein, it is totally ingested or disposed.

    A secondary part of the Clean Bite™ patent is its ability to serve as a delivery system, and given its low cost it will permit the world’s poorest populations in the developing world to receive vitamins, nutrients, medicine and micro-encapsulated vaccines along with its primary intended oral hygiene.

    See more at:

    Accredited investors, Strategic Partners, and licensee’s, are all wanted. contact:

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